Moderating Net Neutrality

Moderating Net Neutrality

I recently read a few articles about moderating net neutrality on Facebook.

Some of the jobs these people have to do are downright hazards to the heath.

Here are links to a couple of them:

Underpaid and overburdened: the life of a Facebook moderator

Many who post in Facebook groups are not there to inform you. Many moderators feel the vitriol it generates and need help dealing with the energies it creates.

Granted, it’s a given those who post such heinous trash should be punished, all they post should be deleted, and all the negative effects to the moderators should be compensated greater than they are. But, moderating a social network site isn’t just about cleaning up the trash. Moderators also have to deal with strong opinions within different ideologies and how they clash with one another. They have to deal with trolls in all kinds of genres.

These trolls cast their nets filled with baited language getting people to fill themselves with an emotional connection to an issue. Inciting content designed to inflame others to verbally lash out at those who disagree with an opinion. Most of it is sold to people like a product on the shelf. Packaged with bright colors and big bold letters of copy write and headlines to catch the eye. Always hiding the small print in the back of the box. Blurring the facts with extra small type making it impossible to read without a magnifying glass.

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Where do people get there influences from?

Moderating Net Neutrality on smaller forums it’s possible for owners and administrators to set their own policies regarding the censoring issue. Most of these smaller social networks are usually focused on a specific range of topics. They can break up into different cliques within but for the most part they’re filled with an interesting array of ideas regarding any topic of interest.

Personalities tend to emerge in these little discussions. Moderators in this realm mainly have to deal with the spammers, drunks, and trolls. Usually adhering to any policy of behavior an owner sets forth.

Larger social sites, political forums and religious sites tend to attract their fair amount of paid trolls. Facebook and the Russian advertisements during the last election is a good example. Whether true or not it’s a great method for spreading ideas out into the public ether.

Spreading malicious content on a grand scale takes a lot of resources and planning. It’s marketed out like any product to get people to buy into an agenda without really looking into the details of the story. Sometimes, going along with the flow can be dangerous. It can distract away from more important issues facing all of society.

The Laborers Who Moderate Your Facebook Feed

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Welcome to the Jungle

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