Why Satire Matters

Forty-Five Ways to Make People Laugh
Now I offer a list in which the techniques are numbered and assembled in alphabetical order. Enumerating the techniques is useful when we want to use them to deconstruct a humorous text. It is a list writers have used for thousands of years.

And here’s why satire matters!

Why Satire Matters: These are the 10 oldest jokes in human history

— and they prove that people have been laughing about their animals and sex lives for 4,000 years

  1. A joke about a haircut, Ancient Greece, 300-400 AD.
  2. One about a donkey, Ancient Greece, 300-400 AD.
  3. An ancient “your mom” joke, Ancient Rome, between 63 BC to 14 AD.
  4. A sex joke, Ancient Egypt, 30 BC.
  5. A joke which is also a riddle, Ancient Greece, 429 BC.
  6. A pun on a name, Ancient Greece, 800 BC.
  7. A joke about an old married couple, Unknown, 1100 BC.
  8. A joke about livestock, Sumeria, 1200 BC.
  9. Another sex joke, Ancient Egypt, 1600 BC.
  10. A fart joke, Sumeria, 1900 BC.


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