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  William "Bill" Cooper Essential Research Prophetic Predictions
Posted by: badlands - 03-29-2023, 06:16 AM - Forum: Essential Knowledge & Truth From The Past - Replies (1)

An Essential Truth Research Warrior From The Past Bill Cooper


William "Bill" Milton Cooper was an American researcher, writer, radio broadcaster, and seeker of truth. He dug deep into the esoteric nature of world power structures through the ages. His Mystery Babylon series of 1 to 2 hour broadcasts stand the test of time proving in many ways to be 100% fact. Bill was tragically shot and killed by federal police supposedly over "tax evasion".

He predicted his own death as well as the 9/11 attacks in New York City. Even more astonishing was who they would blame it on, Osama Bin Laden. All of this is documented in his live broadcasts. A link to most of his over 1,500 broadcasts shall be provided in later posts. This is truly amazing information which time has shown to be fact. Nothing can vindicate anyone more than this simple fact.

The man was persecuted by the government for over a decade. He was dubbed the most dangerous man on radio by Bill Clinton about a year before he was killed. Nothing to see here.

Bil Cooper is best known for his book "Behold a Pale Horse" and his radio show "The Hour of the Time," which covered a range of what had been called conspiracy theories and government cover-ups at the time. Most of his shunned information is now fact. His boisterous style of radio literally telling people to get off their butt and do something. This is what this forum is all about and more. Unity.

Speaking of which, Bill Cooper himself started something very similar to this platform known as Kagi.

In 1988, Cooper published his most famous book, "Behold a Pale Horse," which became an underground classic in the conspiracy theory movement. The book covers a range of topics, including government conspiracies, secret societies, and the New World Order.

Cooper's radio show, "The Hour of the Time," began airing in 1993 and covered many of the same topics as his book. He was known for his fiery personality and passionate delivery, and his show gained a large following among conspiracy theorists.

Despite his popularity, Cooper was also controversial, with some critics accusing him of promoting anti-Semitic and racist ideas. He was also known for making false claims, such as his assertion that the Apollo moon landing was faked.

In 2001, Cooper was involved in a shootout with law enforcement officers who were attempting to arrest him on charges of tax evasion. He was killed in the altercation.

Cooper's legacy as a conspiracy theorist continues to influence many today. His book "Behold a Pale Horse" remains a classic in the genre, and his radio show is still widely discussed among conspiracy theorists.

Here's a list of William Milton Cooper's books:

1.  "Behold a Pale Horse" (1988): Cooper's most famous book, it covers a range of conspiracy theories and government cover-ups, including the New World Order and secret societies.
2.  "The Secret Government" (1991): This book explores the alleged shadow government that controls world events and covers topics such as mind control and UFOs.
3.  "The Ugly Truth About the Anti-Defamation League" (1991): In this book, Cooper exposes what he believes to be the true nature of the Anti-Defamation League, which he claims is a Zionist organization with a hidden agenda.
4.  "Pale Horse Rider: William Cooper, the Rise of Conspiracy, and the Fall of Trust in America" (2018): This book is a biography of Cooper and an analysis of his influence on the conspiracy theory movement.   

Cooper's work continues to be jaw dropping. Influential is an understatement of epic proportions. Everything we are living through today he spoke of over 30 years ago. Paying close attention to individuals with an impeccable track record of proven truth over time should not be overlooked. A lot more material about William "Bill" Cooper shall be posted in the near future.

Be sure to follow this thread for notification updates. In the meantime, the best place to start is with the Mystery Babylon Series spanning many of his first year "Hour Of The Time" broadcasts

This YouTube Channel Mystery Babylon has all 40 broadcasts. -

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  Badlands Daily 10:00 AM ET March 24, 2023
Posted by: badlands - 03-27-2023, 07:13 AM - Forum: Badlands Daily - No Replies

Badlands Daily 10:00 AM ET March 26, 2023


Jon Herold and CannCon analyze ongoing events in a traditional news broadcast style without the Mainstream Media spin and corporate BS.
At 3pm Eastern this Sunday, March 26, Badlands will be hosting a watch party, screening the first 20 minutes of a new documentary by Simon Esler called "CUT - Daughters of the West," which reveals how media and cosmetic surgery trends set the foundation for an explosion in idiots and pre-idiots, medically altering their bodies to become transgender.

Currently scheduled for every Monday through Friday at 10:00 AM EST. Be sure to Badlands Calendar for all other Badlands live streams.

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  Defected Episode 19 - Sun 9:00 PM ET, March 26, 2023
Posted by: badlands - 03-27-2023, 06:53 AM - Forum: Defected - No Replies

Defected Eposide 19 - Sun 9:00 PM ET, March 26, 2023


Burning Bright and Just Human take a Macro view of current events through the prism of Narrative Warfare, Game Theory and Fifth-Generation Strategy to help viewers escape [their] system of control and learn to program their own minds.

Currently scheduled for every Sunday evening at 9:00 PM EST. Be sure to Badlands Calendar for all other Badlands live streams.

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Lightbulb Organize Patriots In Your Own Community Or Region
Posted by: badlands - 03-27-2023, 06:19 AM - Forum: Community Efforts With Strategic Planning & Purpose - No Replies

Unification Is The Only Way!

We are all facing the greatest enemy mankind has ever known. Complete organization and total unity could never be more vital. Great personal sacrifice and solid foundations of support are required for real change.

If you are reading this thread with a desire to proactively contribute with your resources or time, you have come to right place.

Collective Efforts Achieve The Impossible

The purpose of this sub forum and thread is bringing together individuals, groups, and organizations to address issues that affect their community. This involves mobilizing community members to work together towards common goals. We need to build strong relationships and develop strategies to improve our world. This can take many forms and involve different sectors of society, including education, law enforcement, libraries and local government.

This forum section is meant to be modified adding additional sub forums targeting your specific town, state or even nation. Below is visualization:

We encourage everyone to utilize the dynamics of this platform by contacting us to request your own sub forum.

The goal here is simple, total organization. All information herein moving forward shall be sorted in the above format. This makes everything easy to find, navigate and research for everyone moving forward. All suggestions and thoughts on how to better facilitate this are welcomed. BE the plan!

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  Want To Organize Patriots In Your Own Community?
Posted by: chickensomething - 03-13-2023, 06:35 AM - Forum: Community Efforts With Strategic Planning & Purpose - No Replies

We are all facing the greatest enemy mankind has ever known. Complete organization and unity is vital on a local community level. Great personal sacrifice and a solid foundation of support is required to achieve anything.

If you are reading this thread with a desire to proactively contribute with your resources or time you have come to right place. This forum section can be motified adding additional sub forums targeting your specific town, state or even nation. We encourage everyone to utilize this dynamic by contacting us to request your own sub forum.

This keeps things easy to find, navigate and organize for future individuals wishing to affect a change.

All suggestions and thoughts on how to better facilitate this are welcomed. Don't trust the plan, BE the plan!

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Video Devolution Power Hour #128 - The Economy - Surprise Special Guest Alex Mar 12 2023
Posted by: chickensomething - 03-13-2023, 12:30 AM - Forum: Devolution Power Hour - No Replies

Jon and Patrick have a very special guest in this episode of Devolution Power Hour originally broadcast on March 12, 2023. This episode contains valuable insight on the current economy including the Central banks and bond market. Please leave your comments about this video below giving future viewers added context. Thank you and enjoy!


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  Useful Free PDF Books Doctors Don't Want You To See
Posted by: chickensomething - 03-10-2023, 07:40 PM - Forum: Here There And Everywhere - No Replies

Here's an excellent cache of freely downloadable PDF books of interest you guys might find useful.


Among the list of books found are as follows:

Ayurvedic Medicinal Plants Of India , Volume 1
Dr. Sebi Medicinal Herbs
Foraging For Beginners 3 books in 1
Handbook of 200 Medicinal Plants
Human Health and its Maintenance with the Aid of Medicinal Plants
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
Medicinal Plants Chemistry, Biology and Omics
Medicinal plants for beginners
Southwest Medicinal Plants
The Native American Medical Herbalism Dictionary

Handbook of 200 Medicinal Plants
Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics
Medicinal and Aromatic Plants.pdf
Native American Medical Herbalism Dictionary
The Art of War
The Native American Medical Herbalism Dictionary
The Poisoned Needle
The Ultimate Wilderness Survival Handbook.pdf
What Doctors Don't Tell You - Alternative Health eBooks

Here's the link -

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Lightbulb User Direct Messenger Chat Enabled
Posted by: admin - 03-01-2023, 01:50 PM - Forum: Buried Leads In Mainstream Media - No Replies

Messaging Capabilities & Features Added
Hello all! We have installed a rather nifty and painless Messenger chat system much like the interfaces found on Facebook and Instagram. This enables CB forum users to send buddy requests to other like minded members. Giving everyone more ability to interact with others. Hopefully features of this nature moving forward shall improve your overall experience on this platform.
This feature cannot be disabled by users currently.
Communication Breakdown Messenger abilities include:
Blocking users
Buddy or friend lists
Usage tracking history
Folder editing & management
More cool features are being integrated including image attachment management and customizable personal profile widgets. Most features shall have the ability to disable as some people wish to keep things simple. As always any comments, criticisms or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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  This Opening Of Saturday Night Live Draw SILENCE!
Posted by: chickensomething - 02-28-2023, 12:34 AM - Forum: Badlands Citizen Journalist Newsroom - Replies (2)

Woody Harrelson shocked the audience during his SNL monologue where he attacked COVID vaccine mandates and the pharmaceutical industry calling them basically drug dealers. Is he wrong? You be the judge

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  The Bottomless Pit The Devil and CERN
Posted by: Uwe Blah - 02-26-2023, 10:23 AM - Forum: Badlands Citizen Journalist Newsroom - Replies (1)

I forgot about this forum glad I found it again.

Scholars believe that the bottomless pit represents a place of punishment and torment, where the wicked and demonic entities are sent to suffer. In this view, the bottomless pit is not a physical location but a spiritual realm.

Others interpret the bottomless pit as a symbol of chaos and destruction, representing the forces of evil and darkness that threaten to overwhelm the world. In this interpretation, the key to the bottomless pit represents the power to control and contain these forces, preventing them from causing harm.

The bottomless pit may represent a real physical location, such as a deep cave or underground chamber. However, there is little concrete evidence to support this theory, and it remains a matter of speculation.

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