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Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Another Get Woke Go Broke Disaster

Ben and Jerry's posted on Twitter and Instagram some anti-American content, and people, of course, absolutely obliterated them. Not only do they post anti-American content, but they also posted it on the 4th of July, Independence Day. Now, Ben and Jerry's is also losing billions of dollars, and their public perception overall is going completely downhill. As if it wasn't already bad, I mean, a lot of people already knew that Ben Jerry's was an absolute joke, especially the people who run Ben and Jerry's. But now, everyone knows about it. Now, everyone knows that Ben and Jerry's is very anti-America, and people don't put up with this stuff anymore, man.

.mp4   suicide-marketing-ben-jerrys.mp4 (Size: 407.57 KB / Downloads: 59)

You see it with the Bud Light boycott. This stuff works. Now, you know people have confidence in the fact that they can get stuff to change with boycotts by voting with their dollar. We see it with the Bud Light situation. Bud Light is down 30% in their sales week over week in comparison to last year. So, I mean, that's insane. That's extremely successful. That's a really, really successful boycott. And it looks like Ben Jerry's might have the same thing happen to them.

The only reason why I think Ben and Jerry's might not be as bad as Bud Light is because pretty much everybody who is really into this stuff has already stopped eating Ben and Jerry's. I started already stopped supporting Ben and Jerry's because a lot of people already knew how bad Ben Jerry's was. Let me know in the comments if you knew before or if you just found out how just anti-American Ben and Jerry's are. But as you can see, this article from Outkick, "Ben and Jerry's Parent Company Loses Billions in Stock Value after Woke Fourth of July Tweet," Ben Jerry's parent company, Unilever, I think is how you pronounce it, has taken a hit after the ice cream brand's dumb Fourth of July message.

While most Americans were busy celebrating Independence Day and crushing beers, the woke ice cream company was busy claiming America exists on Stolen land that should be returned to Native Americans. Ben and Jerry's board is allowed to operate independently of Unilever and is free to push whatever political message it wants, according to the New York Post. The company went full Bud Light, and the backlash was immaculate. Many people on social media vowed to never buy it again. I think you should all do the same, man. It's not that difficult.

It's kind of similar to Bud Light in that the product just isn't that undeniable. It's already really bad for you. You shouldn't really be eating ice cream all that much anyway. So, to stop buying Ben Jerry's is just not that difficult. It's the same thing with Bud Light. Like, beer alcohol is bad for you anyway. The Bud Light product just isn't an undeniably good product. So, there's no point in even buying it if you don't agree with the message, if you don't like the branding. Just stop buying Ben and Jerry's, stop buying Bud Light, stop buying all these woke products, man. It's not that difficult.

Ben and Jerry's parent company takes a stock hit. Well, it appears Unilever is feeling the heat. The company's total value dropped $2.5 billion on the stock market since Ben and Jerry's 4th of July antics, according to the New York Post. The company's stock was at $52.28 when the market closed Monday. It's currently $51.25 as early as Thursday afternoon. That's a nearly 2% decline. It's nothing like the collapse people have seen out of Anheuser-Busch's stock, and the company's total market cap is still at $133 billion.

Well, if you think back to the beginning of the Bud Light situation, a lot of people are saying that the boycott was a complete failure because the stock didn't drop as much as people thought it was going to. But over time, we started seeing sales numbers come out. We started seeing the sales drop off, which in turn made the stock drop whenever the sales dropped off. And that also caused people to start talking about it more on social media, that caused the conversation to get wider and wider as the sales got worse and worse, which spread it to more people. And now, the Bud Light brand is completely ruined. So, the same thing could happen. I'm not going to say that it's going to be on the same scale as the Bud Light situation, but the same thing could happen to the Ben & Jerry's situation. The fact that there was any sort of decline shows that there are people who are very outraged over what Ben & Jerry's tweeted. And at the very least, even if the stock doesn't drop all that much, at least everybody will know the truth about Ben & Jerry's. Now, at least the mask is completely off, and everybody knows the truth about who Ben and Jerry's really is.

Here was one of the Twitter posts from yesterday regarding the stolen land that Ben and Jerry's was talking about this Fourth of July: "It's time we recognize that the US exists on stolen indigenous land and commit to returning it. Learn more and take action in the link in our bio." It's just ridiculous. Like, this whole notion of stolen land and how we should give it back to the indigenous people, it's just so ridiculous, man. Every single country, other than maybe two, I think people said Iceland and then one other, is truly not stolen. The people who are originally there have stayed there forever, and nobody has stolen, and nobody has conquered it.


For the most part, every single country out there has been conquered, probably multiple times. And people celebrate great conquerors like Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great. I read a great comment not long ago. Nobody remembers Alexander the Mediocre, we celebrate Alexander the Great. We learn about him in history books because his name is Alexander the Great. So, I don't think we should be sad. I don't think that we should feel bad about conquering land and coming out victorious. I just disagree. I don't think we should be conquering land the same way we used to nowadays, obviously. I think we live in a much more civilized age. But back then, that's just how things worked. That's how you got land. That's how you built your civilization. That's just how things worked back then, and I don't feel bad about it. We came out on top, and it is what it is.

The company also shared a video targeting Mount Rushmore. Yes, Mount Rushmore. So, Ben and Jerry's also tweeted about how bad Mount Rushmore is. I'm not going to play the video just for time's sake, but it also says, "This 4th of July, it's high time we recognize that the US exists on Stolen indigenous land and commit to returning it." So, it's the same caption with a different video, this time about Mount Rushmore. I don't really care about the actual content. Let's get back to the billions of dollars that Ben and Jerry's is losing.

Their parent company, however, it does appear Ben and Jerry's is going fully woke for America's birthday. At a minimum, it didn't go unnoticed. It's not anything like the disaster Anheuser-Busch has been experiencing, but a dip is a dip. It's not a headache any company wants to deal with.

I mean, it's true. I think any company that's undergoing some kind of backlash like this, some kind of boycott, whether it's strong initially or not, is going to be shaking in their boots a little bit, especially after the whole Bud Light situation, I think. But Light caused a lot of people, especially during Pride Month, we saw it. A lot of companies had their pride logos up for one day, like the MLB, and then took it down on day two of Pride Month. I think Bud Light, the whole Bud Light boycott, is really showing people that if you go that way, there is a chance that you'll lose 30% of your sales in comparison to the same week last year. Like, that same thing could happen to you if you platform people like Dylan Mulvaney, if you do the same thing as Bud Light. I think Ben and Jerry's is probably pretty scary right now.

Let me know what you're thinking in the comments about this whole Ben and Jerry's situation.


New York Post Article:
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The problem is that the money they lose from the customer will be made up for by their investors because they're getting 100% score on their DEI/CEI scores that are "mandated" by their investors with HRC (human rights campaign) which is a huge lobbying group for DNC (democratic national campaign) If they DON'T 100%, they can lose bonuses and become voted out by their fellow CEO and investors. However, the money can only be made up for only so long before they ALL lose money and it no longer becomes a viable option that is why we need to keep the boycotts up indefinitely. It's a game of chicken, to see who flinches first.
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