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US astronaut says aliens shot down multiple US test missiles

'Aliens tried to save America from nuclear war': UFOs shot at missiles in White Sands to protect Earth, claims former astronaut
    Comment made by Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon 
    He says UFO stories from high-ranking military officials back up claim 
    'Test missiles were frequently shot down by alien spacecraft,' he said 
Aliens came to Earth to stop a nuclear war between America and Russia, according the bizarre claim of a former astronaut.
Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, says high-ranking military officials witnessed alien ships during weapons tests throughout the 1940s.
The UFOs, he says, were spotted hovering over the world's first nuclear weapons test which took place on July 16, 1945 in the desolate White Sands deserts of New Mexico.
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My Pillow 2 Has Arrived

Alex Jones talks with legendary astronaut and American hero Story Musgrave about the future and how the Obama administration is doing everything they can to try and destroy the American space program



My Pillow 2 Has Arrived

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