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Nazis and the Search for Relics

Ahnenerbe: Nazis and the Search for Relics
Few know of the Ahnenerbe organization, a secret society that was created by Heinrich Himmler , Hermann Wirth and Richard Walter Darre —but the names may sound familiar. Herman Wirth was a Dutch historian obsessed with Atlantis, while Walter Darre was the creator of the Nazi ‘ Blood and Soil ’ ideology, as well as the head of the Race and Settlement Office. As for Himmler, he later became known for his appointment as the leader of the SS ( Schutzstaffel).

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[Image: nazi-monkeys-monkey-indiana-karen-betray...298251.jpg]


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Their desire for shiny stuff did them in.

You also can't plan to kill people of you want to win.

It's a good thing your society hasn't learned from their failures, and only wishes to repeat the past.

On a side not, I'm sure most of the relics and art were used to make money for their war effort since they didn't have access to the US Treasury to print more money like congressional dual citizen Israelis do.

At least pro-windsor jews have get FBI protecting to show you that they think the holocaust was wrong. In reality, Bibi is greatful for auschwits since he has political tools than he can use to receive shekel donations.

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The shiny stuff? Yep! That does 'em in every time. Building them too. Take them pyramids for example. They have a mighty shine. Took a lot of doin to get 'em built. Instilling pride in the nation to believe in its own divine destiny. Putting in the man ours to create a monument glorifying the living gods on earth. 


The problem with lessons in history is that it has always been a battle of power. . The lessons of old King Agamemnon should teach us about killing people to win. How futile it is. The fool sacrificed his own daughter looking to conquer the Trojans for their economic value.


As far as society learning from its failures? Perhaps it's caused by a breakdown of educational standards. Thinking historically isn't included in the curriculum on an elementary level. 




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