Small Businesses Affected By Rioting Fighting Back In USA

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Small Businesses Affected By Rioting Fighting Back In USA

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Finally, small businesses are fighting back against the local governments that failed them, the taxpayers, for NOT DOING their jobs.

Among the charges being filed is outright negligence by telling local police to back off of any actions against these "peaceful protesters" who literally destroyed neighborhoods across America. In brief, this caused many local businesses to either be burned down or fail due to the population literally being terrified to go out and live their lives peacefully.

The media (enemy of the people) continues to tell us this was social justice and "peaceful displays of inequality" that have been the hallmark of American ideals and values. This could not be further from the truth but is a great way to instill division among the people if this destructive rhetoric is constantly spewed out.

Evidently, there are lawsuits in several major cities across American including:


Hopefully, this is the beginning of something that will spread to every area hit by this outright destruction of property and criminality. Or it could be the beginning of a bigger fight. Only time shall tell. Here's a link to a relevant Fox News YouTube Video:


Re: Small Businesses Affected By Rioting Fighting Back In USA

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Sue the Mayors, Governors and Police Chiefs personally too, not just the cities. Make the politicians pay out of pocket, not the taxpayers.

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